Every project begins with a discovery phase. Depending on the scope and nature of the project, discovery can result in internal and external interviews with key personnel and clients, the audit of pre-existing materials, competitive analysis, or user experience research. This phase of the creative process insures that the strategy formulated is one with a foundation based on research and logic.


Discovery allows us to create objective, strategic goals for any client project. Every solution is inherent in the creative problem, and our goal is to navigate efficiently through the creative hurdles that lie ahead. Whether the strategy is to drive a user through an environment while communicating specific touch points, or communicating a brand’s essence through an identity mark or logo, the goals for how and what we are to communicate must be clear and focused.


We are not decorators. We are conceptual thinkers and thoughtful designers. With successful identity branding, there is zero room for arbitrary decisions. We do not have favorite colors, or a specific “style” to which we design. Thoughtful design is based on conceptual thinking, so when we choose a corporate typeface or color palette, we do so based on a concept that we are communicating, backed by research and sound strategy.


Design is where the strategy becomes a meaningful, tangible reality. In most cases, our entire design team competes on every project with our principle’s oversight and participation. This insures that a breadth of objective creative solutions are explored, while keeping quality at a consistently high level fueled by good spirited competition. All design directions are vetted internally against the objective goals prior to the client presentation, insuring that only the very best work is considered.


We are very proud of the design work that we do, thus we oversee the implementation of everything that comes through our door. From overseeing the fabrication of corporate wayfinding signage to standing over the pressmen’s shoulder as our annual report is printed, we stay involved with all projects until they are brought to fruition, perfectly. Great design does not stop when files are released, but only after the work is a complete reality.


In many cases, our clients are not internally prepared to manage their brand on a comprehensive level. In those cases Hawkeye can provide complete oversight and management of the brand. When managing a company’s long-term brand goals, Hawkeye becomes intimately connected to the company’s internal and external perceptions allowing for the most comprehensive management of a company’s communications available.

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