Smart-Pipe Technologies


About the Project

Smartpipe is a new trenchless piping technology that allows the pipe to be used under protected and fragile environments without disturbing the surrounding ecosystem.

Having spent years in research and development, Smartpipe approached Hawkeye to design and develop a website that communicated the abilities of the new technology in an intrguing way that enabled a user to intuitively explore each aspect of the technology.



As with many startup companies, the largest creative hurdle was the lack of existing content. Because Smartpipe had existed only in research and development and did not have actual pipe in use, there were no visual assets or existing content for Hawkeye to employ.

Smart-Pipe Mobile



As opposed to creating a traditional site with nested pages in the architecture, Hawkeye developed a single interactive environment for users to explore. The approach of containing the content into one large interactive space helped to alleviate the issue of having a lack of content, as the single space is one that is content rich. Isometric illustrations were created of the environments in which Smartpipe is used.

These illustrations were made into interactive carousels that highlighted specific scenarios within the environments to quickly communicate aspects of Smartpipe that were truly revolutionary.

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