DATE: 2015 | CLIENT: OakBend Medical Center

About the Project

OakBend Medical Center is the largest full service healthcare facility in Fort Bend County including two full service hospital campuses and many specialty locations and physician offices. However, despite the advanced medical facilities, the competition from the Houston Medical Center was drawing potential patients downtown and away from the medical center located in their own backyard.





One of the primary reasons for medical fatalities is the distance that needs to be traveled in order to receive attention. For that reason the Oakbend campaign focused on proximity as the unique differentiator to the colossal hospitals located in Houston. With Fort Bend Country being situated a considerable distance from the Houston Medical Center, OakBend is seen as the safety net for much of Fort Bend County.

Oakbend has all of the amenities that can be found an hour north, however they had not communicated what that hour could mean for emergency situations, repetitive visits and care from family members. By positioning the hospital in a way that spoke to the community about the importance of proximity, Oakbend was able to reconnect to people who were looking past their own medical center for their needs.



Because we were speaking to the entire populace of a county, a billboard and publication advertising campaign were chosen as the primary vehicles. Fort Bend County roads and magazines are unfortunately a scene of clutter and over communication. Cut through and penetration were of the utmost importance. Thus we avoided the typical “hospital” approach of smiling families and elderly couples. The message was king and had to speak to three primary positions, that of being a neighbor to the community, possessing the technology that is associated with the Houston Medical Center, and that proximity and healthcare should go hand-in-hand.

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