DATE: 2015 | CLIENT: Newpark | URL:

About the Project

While Newpark had always marketed themselves appropriately to the outside world, they had never taken a comprehensive look at their internal communications, and how a strategic approach can create longevity and better communication with their employees.



There had been a disconnect in years past between the employees and management with regard to the benefits that the employees received and how the system functioned. The goal of this effort was to create a better line of communication between both parties so that everyone was on the same page and there was a level of transparency that resonated from within. One of the issues that Newpark had been dealing with, was that the literature and collateral that addressed employee benefits was either nonexistent, or difficult to digest and understand.




Working with the Newpark team, Hawkeye developed an employee benefits guide that was designed in such a way that the content was much clearer to the employees. The system was extended into informative handouts and posters that gave each employee an easy way to determine what benefits they qualified for, as well as simple ways to sign up and receive those benefits.

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