George Strait Reserve

DATE: 2015 | CLIENT: Braman Brands | URL:

About the Project

When country music icon George Strait announced he would play his final show in June 2014, Joseph Braman—who was pals with Strait on the rodeo circuit back in the day—wanted to give Strait a one-of-a-kind retirement gift. Braman, owner of a Richmond, TX, winery, bottled his most celebrated vintage to present to Strait at his farewell show in Arlington, TX—and then reached out to Hawkeye to create a label that would live up to Strait’s legend.



Because rodeo is at the heart of Strait and Braman’s bond, it immediately became the guiding concept for the design. For the accompanying typographic treatment, we combed through nearly all of the lyrics from Strait’s 28 albums before stumbling upon the song “Somewhere Down in Texas.” The song recaps what Strait is looking forward to in retirement.


Braman wanted the label to be perfect, so he let the team go wild on production. Several custom dies were created; a silver foil-stamp was applied, overprinted and die-cut; and a small batch of 300 labels was subsequently produced for the rare wine.

*copy from Print Magazine Design Annual


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