EDG Consulting Engineers

DATE: 2015 | CLIENT: EDG Consulting Services | URL: EDG.NET

About the Project

When EDG approached Hawkeye their website had vastly expanded over the years without a strategy for user experience, mobile devices, or the ability to further expand without negative design implications.

Hawkeye initiated the discovery phase by holding one-on-one interviews with key stake holders of the company in order to get a clear picture of a hierarchy for content.




Due to the fact that many of the stakeholders had not been involved in the process of the first site’s creation, the resulting feedback led Hawkeye to propose establishing a very clear ranking of content and ways to efficiently drive traffic through the site.



The website was developed using a content management system in a way that allowed EDG to revise, omit and add full sections of content without impeding on the user experience or the overall design of the site. The site was developed to be responsive, eliminating the need for a separate version of the site for use on mobile devices.

What resulted was a website that not only presented the content in an organized and intriguing manner, but also allowed the company to make changes to the content without the need to contract a developer.

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