Our Craft is Thoughtful Design

We are committed to doing the very best design work possible. If we cannot do great work, then we do not see the point. We do not decorate or make arbitrary decisions. Subjectivity has no place in great design solutions, only objective design is appropriate. We only make design decisions based on strategy and insight.

Unending Passion for Good Design

We are never content with the caliber of our work, as we can always be better and learn more. We are never done learning and growing as a studio and a family. We are committed to our team. We keep a smaller staff, because our work is personal for us. We are tight knit and no frills.

Unequivocal Commitment to Excellence

We work hard because the craft and our clients are precious, and we respect them. We refuse to let other studios produce better work than we are capable of. We will not let the integrity of a design solution be compromised by poor research or arbitrary decisions. We work with clients who value strategic design.


We are currently looking for a junior to mid-level designer to join our team. The designer we are looking for is comfortable wearing many hats with strong creative problem solving skills. This designer is passionate about their work and is driven to do the best work possible for every design solution they encounter.

Above all else, the designer we are looking for is hungry for good design.

Good design and strategic problem solving can be taught, passion cannot. The designer for this position is extremely driven and self-motivated. We do not have account executives that sit over your shoulder and crack a whip, we expect the drive to already exist within the members of our team.

The designer we are searching for is thoughtful in their approach, and it is demonstrated in their body of work. The work we want to see is founded on research and demonstrates the ability to conceptualize unique ideas.

Hawkeye is a strategic brand design firm with focused expertise in the design and development of identities and identity systems. The firm was founded in Houston, Texas in 1991 and services a variety of clients, varying in needs and scale. We have ten staff members in Houston and a network of strategic alliances to support our clients’ branding and communication design needs.

Our services are comprehensive and include brand strategy and communications planning, naming development, identity and identity system design, identity guidelines and graphic standards, environmental and exhibit design, informational and interactive development, signage and wayfinding systems, packaging and annual reports.

Hawkeye is consistently recognized through regional and national design awards, and has been widely featured in many industry publications including Graphis, Communication Arts, How, Graphic Design USA, and Print Magazine. In 2014, Hawkeye was selected as the top design studio in the Southwest by Print Magazine.


• Must have a bachelors degree in design (or equivalent) to be considered
• Must be strong in creative / conceptual problem solving
• Must have strong typography skills
• Must be skilled in Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Bridge, Acrobat and Office
• Must be highly motivated and self sustaining / self managed
• Must be able to work collaboratively & individually
• Must be able to present ideas and directions in a professional and well-versed manner
• Must be able to communicate ideas verbally and be able to inspire others
• Must be comfortable working on both high level creative and executional jobs
• Firm knowledge of web design and usability


We are always seeking a well spoken new business development person, who is comfortable with the sales cycle. This job will entail a great deal of phone work, utilizing an existing prospect list that has been developed and worked for several years.

This person will also be required to attend presentations, follow up with prospects, and identify new companies and opportunities.


This can be a full time or part time position depending on the person’s schedule. The salary will be determined by experience with additional compensation available through a commission structure.

Submit your info

Thank you for your interest in Hawkeye. Please send us a message with some examples of your work and why you would want to be a part of the team. We will reach out to you if we feel it is a fit.

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